Come join us for all the fun at Crystal Coast Beach Volleyball in 2018

We are ready for another great Carolina Region Jr Beach Volleyball Day at Creekside park on June 2nd with all age divisions now being accepted. Based upon the registrations prior to the week of June 2nd, we will then base our start times for each age division. I will do all I can to help kids that want to play in both 12U and 14U to be kept separated as I will for 14U and 16U.
Winners in each age division earn a bid to the States held at Southern Sands Beach VB complex in July
Looking forward to having you with us on the beach at Creekside!

Congratulations to our winners and all players who participated in such a beautiful day at Creekside Park in New Bern!
Here are the results:


1st- Cammie Davis/Zoe Duggan won 2-0 over 2) Hailey Amber/Maddie Houde

3rd- Hailey Davenport/Caroline Dobson

4th – Madison Daniels/Christa Golden

5th – Emily Grace Smith/Kaleigh Wahlen



1st -Caitlin Magee/Hayes Darden won over 2) Gabby Black/Ellie Jones 2-1

3rd- Lindsey Potter/Marlee Hanford

4th – Mackenzie Staton/Phoebe Starnes

5th- Bailey Everette/Maura Wynn

6th – Mia Bolechowski/Haley Phillips

7th- Maddie Sadler/Margaret Audilet

8th – Abby Keever/Hannah Wojcicki

Our next tourney will be June 2nd and we do expect a packed house so register now and reserve your place at Creekside Park, home of the Carolina Region Beach Volleyball Park!

Go to to register



The forecast will be beautiful for this Saturday's Carolina Region Beach VB tourney. Tentative plans will be for all age divisions to be at Creekside on the 28th by 8:30 am for registration. Here are the pools thus far:

No 12U Division (we will move 12U to 14U brackets if we do not have a minimum of 4 teams)
Hailey Amber & Maddilyn Houde
Hailey Davenport & Caroline Dobson
Cammie Davis & Zoe Duggan
Emily Grace Smith & Kaleigh Ann Wahlen
Madison Daniels & Christa Golden

Gabriella Black & Ellison (Ellie) Jones
Hayes Darden & Caitlin Magee
Abbie Keever & Hannah Wojcicki
Mia Bolechowski & Hailey Phiillips
Maddie Sadler & Margo Audilet
Maura Wynn & Bailey Everett
Mackenzie Staton & Phoebe Starnes
Lindsey Potter & Marlee Hanford

No 18U
* A win earns a berth to the State Carolina Region Beach VB championships in Apex, NC at Southern Sands

Hope to see on the Beach at Creekside on April 28th!
If you would like to register, go to to register & submit a check or money order of $25 per player to:
Crystal Coast Volleyball
1513 Spencer Ave
New Bern NC 28560
You can also pay the same day of the tourney. Thanks
Hi all. We will reschedule the April 7th tourney at a later date. For now, we will begin taking registration for the 4/28 tourney at Creekside with all age divisions.

We are ready to go at on Saturday, April 7th at 8 am with 16U at Creekside. We are trusting that if we begin by 8:30 am, we can be done before the rain sets by noon.
Our seeding's for tomorrow, with a chance to go to states with a win are as follows:
1. Zoe/Lillie
2. Jordan/Cadagin
3. Delanie/Abby
4. Sarah/Amelia
5. Elizabethe/Joci
6. Sara/Liz
Take care

For the complete Carolina Region Beach tour information, click on http:   

The very first tournament of the season for Creekside Park will be on April 7th and is open ages 12U and 16U only

Creekside will host Crystal Coast Volleyball will host other tournaments on April 28th (open to all ages) and June 2nd (open to all ages)

The 2018 High School Beach season is upon us with Creekside Park hosting another great year of Eastern Conference volleyball that includes schools such as charter member Epiphany School, New Bern, West Carteret, East Carteret, Parrott, Greenville Rose, and Croatan along with new comers Perquimons, Conley, and Currituck.

Creekside Park

1821 Old Airport Rd

New Bern NC 2856o

For information regarding The Epiphany School Beach and Indoor Volleyball practice schedule and game schedule, go to our facebook page at and ask to join. Thanks

Carolina Regional Volleyball Association

Issue No. Feb 2018




Carolina Region Jr Beach e-Newsletter

2018 Tour Schedule Announced


As we move closer to Spring, the 8th edition of the Carolina Region Jr Beach Tour will be starting up soon. The tour schedule has just  been released. Learn more about the complete tour schedule and what to expect this year below. 



Mark Nalevanko

Carolina Region/USA Volleyball Beach Director


Carolina Region Jr Beach Tour 2018 Schedule


2018 - Carolina Region Tour Championships18U Finalists


  Hard to believe but the 8th edition of the Carolina Region Jr Beach Tour is just around the corner. The tour has grown immensely since its 1st year, which fielded a handful of events and a couple hundred teams. Now the tour annually has close to 40 events with 1200+ teams participating all across the state.


Some highlights for this year's tour include:

  • Over 30 events with each offering at least 1 bid per age division to the regional championships in July. First event starts in March with events on almost every weekend until early August.
  • Open  and AA divisions/bids per age division. In order to better support the growth of interest in the sport, events featuring 2 playoff brackets for an age division (Open -aka Gold - and AA - aka Silver) will offer bids to top finishers in each of those sub-divisions for the regional championships. This is at the discretion of each tournament host based on their space and time restrictions in order to accommodate.
  • 2 events that make up a Beach National Qualifier in our region that will offer up to 4 bids per age division to the National Open (top) division at the National Beach Tour Championships which will be held in Siesta Key, FL over July 19-24.
    • April 7 - 14U and 18U - hosted by Beach South in Greensboro
    • May 12 - 12U - hosted by Southern Sand VB in Apex
    • May 13- 16U - hosted by Southern Sand VB in Apex
  • 5 events called Beach Regional Qualifiers/Premier Tour Events that will offer 1 bid per age division to the Regional Open bid at the National Beach Tour Championships
  • Regional championships on Sat, July 14 (Open bids only) and Sat, July 21 (AA bids with potential remaining space opened to non-bid teams on a first-come, first-serve basis)







USA Beach and American Beach Tours Join to Create

National Beach Tour



    Some of you may have seen recent press releases regarding a new National Beach Tour for 2018. This tour is the collaboration and merger of what was the USA Beach tour (managed by USA Beach national offices) and the American Beach tour (managed by several regional volleyball associations of USAV). Many topics and issues were discussed in trying to establish a unified tour going into this season. Understandably, there are quite a few changes some of which will probably lead to questions, especially if used to how things were with the USA Beach tour in years past. The tour championships will be back at Siesta Key, FL over July 19-24 and now feature 3 divisions:

  • National Open - featuring teams earning bids from approx 15 Beach National Qualifier events across the county, one of which is in North Carolina.
  • Regional Open - featuring teams earning bids from each of the 40 regional USAV associations that hold Beach Regional Qualifiers. Carolina Region has 5 events serving as Beach Regional Qualifiers which will give out a total of 5 bids per age division.
  • Patriot - featuring any teams wishing to participate at nationals who did not earn a bid to the other divisions.



We invite everyone to visit the National Beach Tour to learn more about what it is, how national will be setup, and the new ranking system that combined past results from the USA Beach and American Beach Tour ranking systems. As the season progresses, more info will be shared on this site..

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Carolina Region Jr Beach Tour 2018 Schedule Announced

New National Beach Tour Announced


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